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About Me

...I'm actually shaping the future a little bit!

I finished the Faculty of Business Administration and the Software Departments, but I could not finish learning :) For this, every new project offers me the opportunity to learn something new.

I know that the future is in software, especially in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence systems, and I strive for both my software and my customers to move in this direction. I know that software will be one of the sine qua non for people in the short future, especially today, where the pandemic process has dragged the whole world into irreversible habits, and as I said at the beginning; ...I'm actually shaping the future a little bit...
Yazılım-DA Web Developer

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My Skills

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I Am Claiming !

In addition to what I mentioned, I know many graphic programs, .NET, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT and PYTON languages and I carry out different studies in the field of machine learning and virtual reality.
MySql & PDO
Server Development
Artificial Intelligence
My Works

Some of the Works
I've Done!

I would like to share some of my work with you. I hope it will help you to tell about my work :)

My Mission

I want to move both my software and my customers into the future.
For this, I want to learn and reflect what I have learned on the software I have developed, and therefore offer a new future to my customers.

Software is a Journey!

Many people think that when a software is developed, everything is done and finished. In fact, at that very moment, a challenging but enjoyable journey begins. Continuously analyzing your environment throughout the entire journey, shaping up again and again according to the results of these analysis, listening to your customers, staying up to date all the time... there are so many things that I can count on this journey...


Ordinariness is Destroyer!

It is not possible to go on a journey with ordinary software. Because ordinary software is like a litter that no one carries, your litter does not go anywhere, you cannot go either!. Your website gets a little older every day, a little more forgotten every day, and after a while, it doesn't attract anyone's attention like flickering candles. That's why ordinary software is destructive, just like mediocrity. As you give life to it, it will offer you all possibilities.


Codes Can Be Beautiful Too!

Yes, you read it right, the beauty of software can be mentioned as well as people, animals, flowers. The backgrounds of Web Sites, which have been turned into a pile of garbage using copy-paste code with the logic of what if it works, actually tell the incoming search engine bots how sloppy and neglected they are. That is why it is very important that the code that creates that image is clean, meticulous and attentive as much as the image of your site. Because search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) decide whether your site is beautiful or not by looking at the codes, not the colors.


Let's Step into the Future

I would like to serve you in more areas, but I want to concentrate my skills in certain areas and do the best. And if you want the best, why not work together?

Boutique Web Software

If you want, I design your personal website or your company's corporate website to reflect you and/or your company, and provide you with a unique experience with a unique site.

Big Data Processing

In today's world, our data is everything! I ensure that your large-scale data is quickly accessible, scalable and secure with appropriate DB solutions. I use military-grade encryption algorithms.

Boutique SEO Study

Having a perfect website is actually the first step of the way. I do a detailed target audience analysis and ensure that your website reaches the target audience you want with the words you want.

E-Export Systems

You don't need to travel the world to promote/sell your products and services! I am setting up your E-Export Site, which brings the world to you, welcomes your guests in dozens of languages, and offers many payment and shipping methods.

Automated Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence

As a result of our collaboration with OpenAI, we have developed a system that enables automatic content production by combining natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques. This system has the ability to understand texts and produce new content by analyzing large data sets. As a result, I end your need for someone else and allow you to automatically produce high quality and original content. This system provides meaningful and interesting content to the readers by creating sentences in accordance with the grammatical rules. With the automatic content production system, you can produce and publish content faster and more efficiently.

Special Artificial Intelligence Solutions for You

As a result of our collaboration with OpenAI, we offer customized artificial intelligence solutions in accordance with the specific needs of our Customers. These solutions improve your customer experience, increase operational efficiency, strengthen risk management and provide you with a competitive advantage. From the retail industry (developing personalized marketing strategies by analyzing customer behavior, etc.) to the financial industry (optimizing customer risk assessments and detecting fraud incidents, etc.), healthcare industry (optimizing the diagnosis and treatment processes of patients, etc.) to the manufacturing sector (optimizing production processes). We offer artificial intelligence solutions tailored to your needs for many industries..

Comments From My Customers

I Have Always Told You, Let My Customers Tell A Little :)
I Know Different Software Language
I Developed Different Security Application
I Manage a Large Database
I Developed More Than One Hundred Boutique Web Software

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